Somehow most everything I love blooms in April, May, or early June. I'm not sure what my problem is, but the late summer bloomers generally just don't float my boat. Lilies are the great exception! They make a great addition to my (otherwise rather boring) late summer garden. I've got several different types of lilies:

Longiflorum-Asiatic hybrids

These are my favorite. They are substantive in petal and leaf like Longiflorums, but have the larger outfacing flowers of Asiatics. Extremely long-blooming, and vaguely fragrant. Bloom time is just after the regular Asiatics - typically early July for me. Hard to find but well worth seeking out!

LA hybrid Lily 'Golden Tycoon'

  • LA hybrid lily ‘Golden Tycoon’ - bright yellow
  • LA hybrid lily 'Red Alert' - deep red
  • LA hybrid lily 'Swansea' - peachy-pink

Martagon lilies

Unusual lilies that grow in dappled shade. They take many years to become established, but ultimately form impressive clumps.

Martagon Lily 'Mrs. R. O. Backhouse'

  • Martagon lily  'Mrs. R. O. Backhouse'- a luminous salmony yellow with pink undersides.

Oriental Lilies

These exotic beauties are fabulous and exceptionally fragrant. Well-known and often-grown for a reason. They demand very good drainage, but will tolerate partial shade. Bloom late, in early August here.

Oriental Lily 'Time Out'

  • Oriental lily ‘Acapulco’ - bright pink with brown spots                        
  • Oriental lily ‘Casablanca’ - classic white beauty. Massive blooms.                       
  • Oriental lily ‘Time Out’ - pale yellow with white margins

Asiatic Lilies

These are the easiest to grow and most commonly found. They love full sun and a hot dry spot. I have only one dark red Asiatic which is beautiful despite being nameless.

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