Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Flower/Foliage Combinations

Here are a few combinations of spring flowers and emerging perennial foliage that I'm enjoying in my garden on this early April day. My favorite at the moment are these yellow tulips with golden Lysimachia nummularia (Creeping Jenny), which both harmonize with the yellow-green new growth of nearby Picea abies (Dwarf Alberta Spruce). (Some yellow dandelions are joining in the fun as well - I never see weeds until I take a picture!)

Yellow tulips, lysimachia, picea
I also like the lavender flowers of this spotted lamium with the burgundy emerging foliage of astilbe:
Lamium 'Orchid Frost' with Astilbe 'Visions in Red'
The blue color of the hyacinth flowers makes a nice contrast with the creamy markings on Heuchera 'Snow Angel'. (The rabbits are eating the heuchera, unfortunately... but I still like this combo.)
Hyacinth 'Blue Jacket' with Heuchera 'Snow Angel'

Finally, I like how the bright red of these double tulips looks with the burgundy new growth on the tree peony in the background:
Tulip 'Abba' with tree peony


  1. I am catching up on some blogging today, and I enjoyed reading your last few posts! All the beautiful spring flowers are great to see. i love your tulips! Also your serviceberry tree in your previous post is stunning! I have two young serviceberry trees, and i hope someday they will bloom like yours!

  2. I love the yellow tulips with the creeping jenny! Very nice combination. Your garden is a bit ahead of mine, with our tulips just peeking out their color today. It is so unusually dry for April!
    Hope you have a nice holiday weekend!

  3. All my faves are there. Beautiful!

  4. I like those combinations, too. I am so tickled it is gardening season! We have a frost warning for tonight. I hope things are OK. I need to look up at what point it may be helpful to turn the sprinkler on to wash the frost off.

  5. Rebecca, happy Easter!
    Your tulips "Abba" so nice, I like this color.

  6. Those tulips are just lovely...especially the yellow they brighten the area...

  7. I love the colour echoing that you have going on.

  8. The Lamium is very nice. I have a similar variety called 'Beacon Silver'. I love Lamium. I don't understand why it isn't used more often.


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