Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snowfall on Confused Snowdrop

We've had some crazy December weather lately... Last week it was bizarrely warm (60s!), and this poor snowdrop decided it might as well get things over with and bloom already:

Confused snowdrop blooming in December
Then of course the weather immediately turned and it got dumped on by a heavy load of wet snow:

Snowdrop, now realizing it's not spring yet after all
Oh well.

Here is a shot of my front garden in the snow. The window near my desk looks out onto this area, so I spend a lot of time gazing at this space from my winter confines. Last year it was almost totally bare, so I worked hard on adding plants with winter interest here this year (something, anything - even a few stems sticking up at odd angles would be better than the endless whiteness).

Snowy garden
I'm particularly happy with the arching stems of the caryopteris in the top right of the picture, and was also pleasantly surprised at how well the calamintha (just below the caryopteris) held up to frost and snow. There are also sedums, tree peonies, roses, and a few small evergreens to look at now. Yes, it's not spring yet... but it's definitely less dull than it was before.


  1. Rebecca, I see you're in winter now as I am. Your garden relaxes and all plants sleep under the snow. When I see my plants I hope they are warm under the white blanket.

  2. It doesn't take much to make a huge difference to the Winter garden. I like to also have a few evergreens, although I hate to take away Summer planting space, just a case of compromise.


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