Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Tulips are peaking in my garden now, along with some of the midseason daffodils. They got pummeled by a hard rain, but most have bounced back pretty well.

Tulips 'Monte Carlo' (yellow) and 'Purple Prince' with narcissus 'Katie Heath'
Here's another shot of the same bed from another angle. The rose leafing out is a damask rose 'Ispahan'.

Tulips 'Purple Prince' and 'Monte Carlo', narcissus 'Katie Heath'
Nearby is another yellow tulip, 'Sweetheart'. I really like this one - despite its extremely large and somewhat open flowers, it holds itself up well. The soft coloration is fabulous. The large leaved plant in the background below is rhubarb.

Tulip 'Sweetheart'
Elsewhere I planted some orange fosteriana tulips called 'Juan'. These for some reason got attacked by squirrels, but the ones that survived look striking:

Tulip 'Juan'
My absolute favorites are these double early red tulips called 'Abba'. I just gushed shamelessly about them in a previous post. They are really too gorgeous for words.

Tulip 'Abba' blooming with Iberis sempervirens (candytuft)
The house came with these early tulips planted near the front walk. They are a bit ho-hum but cheery nevertheless. Apparently they have been returning with no help whatsoever for at least 10 years or so. Would not have been my choice, but I can't see my way to removing them since they are so happy with this space.

Early red and yellow tulips, unknown cultivars
Finally, and last of all to come into bloom for me this year, is this teeny little species tulip. The flowers open wide in full sunshine and snap tightly closed in shade, like crocus. I love the blue interior of the petals. Not something you can see from the street, but it is really very cute on close inspection.

Tulipa humilis 'Little Beauty'


  1. The little species tulip is so cute! I love the color of Purple Prince. And how nice to have inherited tulips that come back every year, happy as can be!

  2. Your tulips are stunning with so many lovely colors. My tulips have completed their flowering, so I will have to wait until next year to enjoy them. It was nice to enjoy some here in your garden.

  3. You have some lovely tulips in flower, the 'Abba's' are especially pretty. Mine have all finished here, but I think I'll be adding more varieties for next year.

  4. Tulips Abba are wonderful, Rebecca!
    Mine tulips are just open their buds, daffodils are flowering well.
    Nice spring garden you have, lot of blooming flowers. Have a nice day!


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