Sunday, July 7, 2013

Roses Part 2

The garden is full of flowers and I am very behind in posting about it! For starters, here is the second batch of roses that I promised:

Eglantyne is a David Austin rose with massive, pale pink blooms packed to bursting with petals. It has a light fruity fragrance, not terribly strong, but pleasant. I suppose it must have some rosa alba in its parentage, as the flowers, foliage, and fragrance are all reminiscent of an alba - except with humongous flowers and rebloom!

Austin rose 'Eglantyne'
I really like the habit of this rose so far. It is tall and willowy, with very attractive foliage. The flowers are held in small clusters. Sometimes they are so heavy they droop a bit, but mostly flower carriage is good. This is my small first-year bush. I plan to spiral it around an obelisk when it gets bigger next year. The only downside has been that it appears to be a favorite of the rabbits, who have cleaned off almost all of the lower foliage. (The rabbits also find my true alba roses particularly delectable, another reason I think this may be descended from them.)

Austin rose 'Eglantyne'
'Winchester Cathedral' is my second Austin rose. It is a white sport of the popular 'Mary Rose'. It has just begun blooming but so far I find it very elegant. The buds are pink and the medium-sized flowers have an old-fashioned cup shape. Fragrance is there, but not terribly remarkable.

Austin rose 'Winchester Cathedral'
I have it planted near a dwarf spruce and some heuchera ('Pinot Gris'). I like the way the red undersides of the heuchera echo the reddish coloring of the rose buds:

Austin rose 'Winchester Cathedral' with Heuchera 'Pinot Gris'
 My last Austin rose, 'Sophy's Rose', is planted near Lady's Mantle and Geranium 'Nimbus', another combination I find pleasing. The perennials and roses in my rose garden are still rather quite small as it is their first year. Hopefully next year everything will fill in more.

Austin rose 'Sophy's Rose' with Geranium 'Nimbus' and Alchemilla mollis

I have planted a climbing rose called 'Rosarium Uetersen' near my front entry. It has not begun to climb yet but did offer some blooms as a sample of things to come. I have visually separated this rose from the others, since the bright coral pink of this one does not play well with others.

Rose 'Rosarium Uetersen'
I love the color, despite how odd it is. The blooms are held in abundant clusters, and the coral fades to a softer shade with time.The foliage is glossy and supposedly disease-resistant (we'll see!). There is only a bare hint of lemony fragrance.

Rose 'Rosarium Uetersen'
Two more roses have yet to bloom this year, and are just now forming buds. The timing is probably skewed since it is their first year in the ground for me.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing your English roses! Winchester Cathedral is so lovely. Eglantyne will be gorgeous on an obelisk. I have planted a few new English roses in my garden and I am so excited about it. Have a lovely day :)

  2. Rebecca, the rose 'Rosarium Uetersen' is pretty! I love this color and shape. It's pity the Austin roses are not enough hardy for my zone, I tried but no success. Yours are beautiful!

  3. White Roses are very beautiful and I especially like 'Winchester Cathedral


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