Thursday, January 9, 2014

BIG Hosta

I like BIG hosta and I cannot lie... (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Hosta 'Blue Angel'

I actually used to despise hostas, and swore I would have the only hosta-free garden in America.
My issues were probably due to the fact that they are so commonly grown around here, and are often used alone, in big boring groups of nothing-but-hosta. Or planted in ding-dong looking ring-around-the-rosies around every tree trunk in the otherwise empty yard. Which I still think looks terrible and boring.

Hosta 'Paul's Glory'

But I have now come to appreciate these plants, especially the REALLY REALLY big ones. The bigger the better. They make such a good texture contrast in the shade garden, where everything else tends to be ditty-bitty and makes my head hurt.

Hosta 'Stained Glass'

Hosta 'King Michael'

I have added some large hosta varieties to my garden, and keep adding more each year. It will take them a while to mature and look fabulous. But eventually they will. The pictures in this entry are from my hosta-research forays to public gardens.

Hosta 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'

Hosta 'Diana Remembered'

Since I gravitate towards the tough-textured ones, slugs have not been a big issue. Possibly because all the slugs of the neighborhood are in my vegetable garden eating my beets. Sluggo works, if I can remember to keep sprinkling it around.

Hosta 'Paradigm' with Japanese Maple

What are your favorite large hosta varieties? In my garden I currently have Andrew, Blue Angel, Brother Stefan, Captain Kirk, Devil's Advocate, Dream Queen, Great Expectations and Sleeping Beauty. I might have space for a few more really good ones...

Hosta 'True Blue'


  1. I do have bit of a penchant for BIG hostas too. Although mine's are still rather young plants and don't make such an impact yet as your beauties do.

  2. I love the different sizes, colours and shapes of Hostas. I don't like only Hostas but in combination with other plants they are really beautiful. And on your pictures no damage of slugs or snails, wonderful!

  3. Rebecca, your hostas are big and have nice green color, some grayish and yellow, depends of variety. Lovely! I have ones in a shady place and think these plants are the best for shadow.

  4. I LOVE hostas but they just don't do well in my area (southern California) - I've tried (repeatedly).

  5. Rebecca, I love hostas, big or small I don't care, I love them all. Unfortunately here in San Diego I can't grow them, because it is way too hot and the humidity levels are too low. I truly enjoyed looking at the hosta varieties that you have chosen for this post, my favorite being the one of hosta 'Paradigm' with the dark violet Japanese maple tree. That is simply a stunning combination! Good luck with the hostas in your own garden I hope they reach a decent size quickly!

  6. Your hostas are wonderful :)

  7. Great post which reminds me how glad I am that I have taken so many Hostas from our old garden to the new place.


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