Monday, April 8, 2013

Hard Work

At this time of year, you have to work hard to find beauty in the garden.

First bee of the year visiting Galanthus elwesii (Giant Snowdrop)

But if you're willing to stoop down low to the ground...

Galanthus elwesii (Giant Snowdrop) on a background of Bergenia's burgundy winter foliage

...and pull aside last year's tired old vegetation...

Blanched pinkish-yellow buds of sedum getting their first exposure to light

...unexpected spots of strange beauty can be found.

A forest of red tulip shoots emerging next to evergreen Iberis sempervivum (Candytuft) foliage


  1. I think there are quite a few lovely things in your garden, and that shot of the bee in flight is really great!

  2. Great to see things are starting to emerge in your garden, I like the Galanthus elwesii, I have them in my garden too.

  3. the trouble with photgraphing our gardens at this time of the year is the getting down on the hands and knees to appreciate what is there Lovely pictures!

  4. Great photos! That last shot of the tulips emerging is so beautiful, and quite mysterious.

  5. Lovely photos showing signs of spring. Those tulip shoots look great!

  6. Rebecca, tulips shoots, oh! It's my dream, to see first flowers in my garden too.
    Great photos, have a nice week!

  7. It is always exciting when plants start breaking through the dirt! Spring is the best! Jeannine

  8. Don't you love the early signs of spring? The last picture of the tulips emerging is great, and I love the little bee!


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