Monday, April 15, 2013

March Blooms in April

Well, it's a meager start to Spring... there are *literally* only three things blooming in my garden this April 15:

1. Galanthus elwesii, the giant snowdrop

Galanthus elwesii with bergenia foliage

2. Iris reticulata 'Clairette' (only about 1/3 of these have opened yet)

Iris reticulata 'Clairette'

Iris reticulata 'Clairette'

3. Puschkinia libanotica - a few of these have just barely begun to open.

Puschkinia libanotica

I planted a lot of extra-early spring bulbs last fall, in the hopes of getting the garden started in March. By mid-April we would normally have daffs, early tulips, hellebores, epimediums, and lots of other spring flowers... Not this year! Oh well - they are no less precious for being late.

Hopefully many of the gardens at Garden Blogger's Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens will have more happening.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hard Work

At this time of year, you have to work hard to find beauty in the garden.

First bee of the year visiting Galanthus elwesii (Giant Snowdrop)

But if you're willing to stoop down low to the ground...

Galanthus elwesii (Giant Snowdrop) on a background of Bergenia's burgundy winter foliage

...and pull aside last year's tired old vegetation...

Blanched pinkish-yellow buds of sedum getting their first exposure to light

...unexpected spots of strange beauty can be found.

A forest of red tulip shoots emerging next to evergreen Iberis sempervivum (Candytuft) foliage

Friday, April 5, 2013


... my first bloom of the season. Snowdrops!

Galanthus elwesii (giant snowdrops)
I know it's not much, but these few modest little flowers have incredible power to cheer my winter-ravaged soul. The garden has officially awakened! Better late than never.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Unexpected Guests

When I came home from work today, guess who I saw tramping through my garden? Four gigantic wild turkeys!
wild turkeys in the street

I've seen turkeys many times before in Wisconsin, but always in wilder areas like the Arboretum or large parks. It does seem odd to see them walking right down the street in the middle of an urban area.

wild turkey on the sidewalk
They were poking around in the melting snow - looking for tasty treats, I presume.

wild turkey wondering what I'm up to
They did not seem shy at all. I warranted a brief glare, but there were much more captivating things to look at among the thawing leaf litter.

wild turkey investigating the fairy house
My daughter had made a "fairy house" by this maple tree using sticks, stones, and bits of red ribbon. This fellow was not sure what to make of it all, but had to go in for a closer look.

big turkey
This guy was the largest. Once the others passed he stepped forward and poofed his feathers at me impressively - to make sure it's clear who's in charge.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Getting Ready...

It has been a long, cold winter, and as of April 2, 2013 my garden is STILL covered with great mounds of snow.

But there are signs of a change to come...

The trunks of my young apple trees have turned a glowing bronze, looking like fire-sticks against the snow. (Over the winter, they were a lifeless gray.)

Trunk of apple 'Calville Blanc D'Hiver', early spring
Here and there, dwarf evergreens are tentatively poking their noses out from under their winter blanket. Hello, so nice to see you again! I hope you didn't get too smashed under there!

Picea abies 'Little Gem' emerging from melting snow
There are even a few green shoots in the warmer spots near to the house:
Daffodils poking through the still semi-frozen soil
I've bought some supplies...
Good stuff for good dirt
... and a birdbath!
Spring is almost here - and I am SO ready for it!
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